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1ELRIsland,ReggieConcho Chiefs0-0 Schedule/Scores
2YKNDoctorman,ChaseUnited0-0 Schedule/Scores
3MUSMeyers,ScottMustang Swoosh-White0-0 Schedule/Scores
4MUSRiley,Shad Tuttle Tigers 0-0 Schedule/Scores
5SAACreevey,Kern Christ the King Knights White0-0 Schedule/Scores
6YKNGlenn,Brad Force0-0 Schedule/Scores
7PSAWilson,Sam The Eagles0-1 Schedule/Scores
8YKNShinn,ScottTar heels 0-0 Schedule/Scores
9YKNFinch,Wally Rigid Ruffnex0-0 Schedule/Scores
10SAASnowder,Jody Christ the KIng Maroon0-0 Schedule/Scores
11MUSCase,Brad Mustang Lightning1-0 Schedule/Scores
Schedule & Scores