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A Brief History of Satellite Athletic Association

The Satellite Athletic Association was started by Carroll Cornett in 1958 when he fielded the first Portland Hill Satellite football team. The program grew to many teams and competed in football for many years with teams like the Tower Toppers, Uptown Optimists, Southside Optimists and the Northside YMCA.

Baseball was added to Satellite shortly thereafter and the teams were known as the Coronado-Kirkland Satellites. The baseball leagues were organized through the YMCA in those days and the teams were normally tied to elementary schools although the schools did not sponsor them.

In 1971, the Satellite gym was built on Putnam City school land with both Satellite and donated money in cooperation from Putnam City schools. Before Coronado Heights had their own gym, they used the Satellite gym during the day for the physical education classes and the Satellites used it at night for basketball and wrestling. Once Coronado had their own gym, PC schools gave the Satellites a long term lease on the building and Satellites have been operating the gym ever since.

As other organizations such as PCO (Putnam City Optimists) formed and took most of the load in football and baseball, Satellite has continued with both boys and girls basketball. Throughout the years, Satellite has been run by a volunteer board of directors and continues to be one of the only volunteer youth basketball gyms in the state.

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