2018 Summer League

How do I sign up and when is the deadline?

Use the online signup at www.nbaok.com.  If you have any trouble signing up online, you can also email dbalenseifen@putnamcityschools.org

The sign up deadline will be May 15th at the coaches meeting. There will be a mandatory coaches meeting at the Satellite Gym on May 15th at 6:30pm. You must send a representative from your team or contact Dr. Balenseifen if you are unable to make it.

When will the Summer League begin and where will games be played?

The dates for the summer league will be May 29th - July 12th.   Games will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6pm-10pm.  There will be no Saturday games this summer. We are offering weeknight games only to allow teams to participate that have weekend activities scheduled during the summer.  We realize summer league may overlap with other activities and will make our best effort to work with schedules to avoid conflicts. We accept conflict dates but you must provide at least 10 conflict free dates.  We can schedule double headers if needed for teams traveling greater than 50 miles from OKC.    We will also take off the weekends Memorial Day and Independence Day.  There is not a post season tournament. 

Games will be played at Mayfield Middle School, PC North High School and Capps Middle School.

What if I can't make a game?

 Any game that cannot be played will result in a forfeit and a fee of $100 will be charged to the team that creates the forfeit.  The reason for the fee is because we still have to pay the gym rental, officials and game workers when a forfeit occurs.  Even if you let us know in advance. 

We will accept schedule conflicts until May 15th and will make our best efforts to avoid conflicts.  But after schedules are made, it will be the coaches responsibility to find a suitable game change to avoid a forfeit.  

How many games are played and what is the fee?

Each team will play 10 games and the team entry fee is $400 per team with a minimum of 10 players on a roster and a maximum of 15.  If you enter more than one team in the league, each team can enter for $350 per team ($50 discount).  A date and time for award and deposit pickup will be communicated after the season.  

When do I need to pay the entry fee?

Teams must pay the team entry fee by the coaches meeting on May 15th.  Any team not paid by the coaches meeting will be dropped from the league. 

What is the game entry fee?

Adults (18-62) - $4 per game, Children (6-17) - $3 per game, Senior citizens (over 62) - $3 per game, under 6 is free.   There are no hand stamps for summer.

What is the refund policy?

Your full team entry fee and deposit will be refunded if we are unable to place your team in a division.  No refunds are given if your coach or team is suspended from the league for any reason including violation of the unsportsmanship policy.

 What is the sportsmanship policy?

All coaches, players and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner before, during and after any league activity.  This applies at all times when a person is on the property (i.e. in the gym or in the parking lot).  Any aggressive, confrontational or abusive behavior to anyone on the property is a violation of the sportsmanship policy and can result in the offender being ejected from the games and they must leave the property.  Anyone ejected from a game must serve a one game suspension.  Anyone ejected twice during the season is suspended for the remainder of the season.  Anyone involved in a physcial altercation (i.e. fighting) or involved in an incident where the police are called will automatically be suspended for one year. 

Can players play on more than one team and can players be added to a team?

Players can play on a maximum of 2 teams and must be on both team rosters before the June 9th roster deadline.  Players can be added to your roster until June 9th.  Players cannot be added after June 9th.  Any player playing on two teams must play on both teams in preseason games to ensure competitive balance.   A player cannot play on two teams in the same division.

Will you have practice times?

We do not have practice gyms available for the summer league.  We will have a list of gyms that you can make practice arrangements with at the coaches meeting.       

Who can play in this league?

We are offering our summer league to (6U) 1st - (14U) 9th grade boys and girls.  Our league is intended to be an off-season developmental league where teams can work on skills and prepare their kids for the next level of play. 

Since our focus is to offer competitive balance, we will have divisions in 2 year increments - 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U.  This will allow us to have enough teams for divisions to ensure comptetitive balance.   

The age/grade divisions are based on the age/grade that your team played this winter (i.e. the new age/grade divisions will take effect in the next fall season after August 1st.)    Think of the summer as the end of the season for last year. 

What are the special playing rules?

All divisions will use 10' goals unless all coaches in a division agree to lower goals.

Ball Size –
7U (2nd) Boys and Girls will use the Junior Ball (27.5”).
8U (3rd) 9U (4th) 10U (5th) 11U (6th) Boys and Girls will use the Women’s Ball (28.5”).
12U (7th) and older Girls will use the Women’s Ball (28.5”).
12U (7th) and older Boys will use the Men’s Regulation Ball.

Backcourt Defense / Stalling – No backcourt defense is allowed for 8U (3rd) Boys or Girls and younger.
The ball must be inbounded to the front court after every time out in ages with no backcourt defense.
This applies to every time out situation regardless of which team calls the timeout. This rule is in effect to prevent stalling in ages where backcourt defense is not allowed.
Backcourt defense is allowed in all other ages unless the Mercy Rule is in effect (see below).

Timing – Each game will be two 20 minutes halves with a running clock.  The clock will stop on all dead ball siutations in the last 2 minutes of each half.  
Each team will have 4 one minute time outs per game and the clock will stop on timeouts.

Free Throws – Ages 9U (4th) and younger will have the "option" of shooting free throws from the bottom of the circle.
They are not required to shoot from the bottom of the circle and can back up if they want to.
This is an option that can be used at any time and does not have to be declared before the game begins.

Lane Violation – Ages 9U (4th) and younger will use a 5 seconds in the lane violation.

Mercy Rules –
When a team is ahead by 10 points or more in 8U, they must withdraw their defense within the 3 point line.
When one team is ahead by 20 points or more, no backcourt defense is allowed.

Overtime – will consist of a 2 minute period with each team receiving one additional timeout for each overtime period.
A maximum of 2 overtime periods will be played.
If a game is still tied after two overtime periods, alternating free throws will be shot by the players on the floor from each team. After complete rounds of shooting, the team that makes the most free throws will be declared the winner.